Ep 40: How To Live Life As A Modern Day Warrior With Legendary MMA Coach, Firas Zahabi

Ep 40: How To Live Life As A Modern Day Warrior With Legendary MMA Coach, Firas Zahabi Firas Zahabi is one of the most sought out and respected coaches in MMA and UFC, coaching the likes of Georges St. Pierre, Rory McDonald and Kenny Florian and running one of the most well known and respected … Continued

11 Principles For Success And A Kick Ass Life

11 Principles For Success And A Kick Ass Life Over the past few years, I’ve gone knee deep in what it takes to build success, fulfillment and a kick ass life. Although each of those can be defined differently depending on the individual, I find common threads or what I call universal truths that span all … Continued

5 Deadlift Variations For The Athletic Physique

5 Deadlift Variations For The Athletic Physique The deadlift..we all love it. There’s no funner movement that works every muscle group in the body, the central nervous system and makes you feel like real world superhero. It doesn’t matter how your day or week is going, once you approach that deadlift bar, life is amazing. However, as you … Continued

How To Handle Haters Like A Pro

On haters, one star reviews and your co-workers envy. Have you ever felt like you did something awesome, shared it with someone and they not only responded in an underwhelming manner, but swiped you with a passive aggressive comment that made you feel shitty? It happens and it’s part of life…we’ve all been there. It’s … Continued

23 Incredible Ways To Get Motivated

Get Motivated Re-Defined Are you lacking motivation on a daily basis? It happens to everyone in some shape, way or form on a daily basis. We all have things we want to do, goals we’d like to accomplish, bodies and physiques we want and always seem to be on this non stop journey. On my Resist … Continued

Killing Resistance (How To End Procrastination)

I’m sitting here staring at a blank screen for the past forty minutes attempting to write a blog post. Despite my attempts at inspiration, nothing comes out. The voices start building… “Everything’s been said. You’ve got no unique angle”. “You’ve posted a ton of content lately, skip it today”. “Your audience is tiny compared to [xxx]”. … Continued

How To Find The Best Nutrition Plan For You

Nutrition..the holy grail of results. Paleo, counting macros, high fat, low fat, low carb, re-feeds, intermittent fasting, metabolic typing …I mean, the list goes on and on. So how do you pick one that works for you? That’s what this post is about. As someone who’s tried pretty much everything under the sun and worked … Continued

4 Unconventional Exercises To Crush Plateaus

I’ve written time and time again about structuring training sessions around core or compound movements and how crucial that is to long term “gainz” in strength, size, performance and aesthetics. I’ve also added in the important of assistance and accessory exercises that support the above, work your weaknesses, allow you to recover by growing the … Continued

Why Your Fat Loss Diet Is Broken

You’ve been trying to achieve your fat loss goals, yet you’re still frustrated and back at square one. Fat loss is simple in theory, but brutal in execution. The reason is that we know what to do. We know that… Energy balance is crucial (energy expenditure vs. calories coming in) Your training dose, lifestyle and meal … Continued

Building The Perfect Training Session

You leave the gym and you feel on fire. Your heart’s pumping, you were focused, your energy is sky high and you got it all done within 50 minutes. “That was awesome…”, you tell yourself. You’ve jump started your day and now you know your nutrition, mindset and lifestyle will be on point. That’s the … Continued