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Monday, February 1, 2016

From: Tommy Baker


Dear Friend,

You’re here for a reason.

You’re not exactly where you want to be with the way you look, feel and perform every day.

When everybody takes their shirt off at the Summer BBQ, you’re hesitant.

When you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror, you want to feel more physically confident.

When you sit back and look at your life, you’re proud of your success in so many areas but still frustrated with how you show up in your body.

And that’s a good thing.

Why? Because you’ve come to the right place.

I want to break down a belief that I know you’ve had for years now:

Being fit, looking great and having boundless energy is not a matter of giving up the things you love to do, it’s a matter of finding a program that fits around your lifestyle and works for you.

It doesn’t have to be that way, despite what everyone tells you.

We’re at this crossroads and paradox with health and fitness: we have more information than we’ve ever had, yet we are in the worst shape, collectively, as a society than we have ever been.

Getting your dream body is actually relatively simple, although I won’t admit it’s easy — but with the right guidance and support, you can do it and you can get started today.

You don’t have to:

  • Hit the gym five times a week and leave every session peeled off the floor like many coaches and gyms tell their members to do
  • Go on a starvation mode diet with very low calories and large amounts of time feeling hungry, sluggish and without energy
  • Walk around your office with perfect portions of chicken, broccoli and bland, boring meals
  • Do long, slow distance cardio such as running for 45 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical, wishing you were somewhere else
  • Sacrifice your social life because one drink or a night out will derail all your hard work and progress

See, I’ve been where you’ve been and I’ve tried all the above and they actually had a reverse effect on getting the body I wanted.

Yes, I’m telling you the above things aren’t the optimum way to get the dream body you know is waiting for you.

People see me and they say:

Oh, he’s a life-long athlete and it comes easy to him.

The real story?

It doesn’t, and I have been exactly where you may be right now at this moment.

I’ve been frustrated, tried every diet and training program and felt like I was spinning my wheels.

And I had “my moment”.

The moment where I decided this was no longer working for me and I was going to do something about it.

See, I was a young trainer who had become the person he hated: I was preaching people to go to the gym, eat healthy and make smart decisions in their daily life.

But I wasn’t living it.

I went to the gym, but went half-way.

I was eating poor quality foods based on availability and convenience not on how they made me feel.

I was exhausted and running on fumes.

That’s when I made a decision to go all-in and find out the truth about what truly works to create behavioral change and results in health, fitness and nutrition.

I started a decade-long quest, traveling the country and learning from, interning with and extracting the best knowledge from the top minds in the fitness industry in all areas of fitness, nutrition, coaching and lifestyle development.

Maybe you’ve had your moment, too and said you’ll get started…but didn’t.

I’ll have you consider these moments are powerful but only if you do one thing…

Take action.

They define life…they define us. So use your energy and conviction wisely, for there is a reason you are here.

Now, action many times isn’t enough and that’s where coaching comes in.

Going it alone rarely works and that’s why even I have a Coach who guides me on my fitness path, despite my pursuit of mastery in the field.

My Approach

  1. 100% individualized, one-on one-, hand-crafted program tailored to you.
  2. Constant communication, motivation, checking in and coaching.
  3. Massive accountability and results.
  4. A unique Coaching experience unlike any other.

As of today, the scale tells me I’ve lost 33lbs.  I know this number means very little, but we all still like to watch it fall.  The truth is, between the significant amount of muscle I’ve put on and the weight I’ve lost, my body is already drastically different than it was 6 months ago. – Mark Linsky

Why It Works

  • We get clear on your outcomes and your “why”.
  • We work on your mindset first, then everything else (most trainers will never address this).
  • A program is built from the ground up based on your lifestyle, your schedule and what you’re actually inspired to do.
  • We course correct and tweak as needed, maximizing efficiency.

Working with Tommy gave me the confidence I never thought I had, got rid of insecurities and completely changed my body – Lauren Goldshore

Is this for me?

Here are 5 ways to know you’re a fit for my coaching program:

  • You’re ready. You acknowledge it’s time and you are ready to do something about. You acknowledge you are where you are today because of your decisions and habits.
  • You’re honest. Coaching, especially online, requires maximum transparency.
  • You’re coachable. I believe deeply in the power of coaching, and so should you. If you think you know better, then we’re not a good fit.
  • You’re committed. My programs require a minimum 12 week commitment. There’s a difference between “interested” and “committed”. Which are you? I only work with the latter.
  • You’re ready to invest. My entire program is built upon giving you the best possible experience, but more importantly, achieving massive results. This doesn’t come cheap and slots are limited since I devote so much time and energy to each and every client.

Customized Coaching For A Fraction Of In Person Training (And You Know, Results)

I spent 7 years building two fitness businesses on the East Coast, Aspire Fitness and SISU Fitness.

It was an amazing experience and we achieved many great things and created an impact in the local communities.

When I was still training clients in person, my hourly rate was $150 based on my years of experience, education and experience I was able to provide.

Most people came an average of 3 times a week, so we’ll use that as an example.

If you had been training with me back then, that would amount to $1,800 a month, which is quite an investment.

The results were life-changing and I know that’s a cliche but they really were (read some of the comments below this…)

IMG_0905IMG_0909 IMG_0936

I don’t show these to show-off, but rather remind you of the power of our physical bodies and how it truly carries over to every area of life.

As I grew, I started to receive requests for online coaching and I was initially hesistant because I believed in the power of the personal experience.

Then I realized that the results from online coaching weren’t just similar than the in-person coaching, they were even better.

And I could offer these life-changing services to anyone in the world for a fraction of the investment I mentioned above.

I work in commercial real estate, I’m always on the road, and ever since working with Tommy my fitness has skyrocketed, I look and feel amazing and have discovered my inner athlete. No other training experience compares to working with Tommy. – Jon Levirne


I primarily coach people in two “worlds” or realms, if you will.

  • The first is weight loss, body composition and aesthetics based, for example: I want to lose 7% bodyfat, fit in my clothes from college and look great again without a shirt on.
  • The second is performance and/or finishing an event, race or challenge, such as: I want to finish the Spartan Beast (14 mile race) in 6 months.

Note: These are not mutually exclusive, but I need to know your absolute priority to construct a program that delivers to your wants and desires.

Night and day since working with Tommy. I feel better, clothes fit better, energy through the roof — complete transformation. What sets Tommy about is his passion and interest in my goals and the way he tailors everything to me 100% customized. – David Petrie

Video Case Studies

To see who I’ve worked with and what kind of results we’ve achieved, check out my blog and category of “Case Studies”.

Here are a handful of them who shared their story:

Next Steps

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Once you’ve filled that out, I’ll get in touch with you and we’ll have a simple phone conversation where we’ll get to know eachother, learn more about what you want and I’ll provide you with value whether we find out we’re a fit or not.

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