Ep 25: The Evolution Of Fitness, Coaching and Life With CrossFit Games Champion James FitzGerald

Ep 25: The Evolution Of Fitness, Coaching and Life With CrossFit Games Champion James FitzGerald

The latest episode of Resist Average Academy features fitness entrepreneur, athlete, CrossFit Games Champion and owner of OPEX (formerly OPT) based out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Photo Jun 10, 11 33 49 AMWhen not coaching, he’s a full time husband, father and fitness athlete. His 20+ years of experience and service as a strength coach/technician, tireless practice on refining energy system work, nutritional and lifestyle balancing techniques and training of other coaches has made OPEX a sought after method of bringing fitness to a Higher Order.

James has found a desire and passion to understanding fitness through assessment, testing, research, programming and more. He has had many years experience as an athlete from early childhood into adulthood, from playing top level soccer, short and long distance running to CrossFit where he was crowned “The Fittest on Earth”, Winner of the 2007 CrossFit Games.

It was my pleasure to have my former Coach and a life mentor on the Academy, as we delve through topics including fitness, coaching, the evolution of life, mentorship, discovering oneself through the physical space, personal growth, the essence of achieving fitness results, how to have a 10 year outlook on your personal health — plus so much more.

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A Coach is someone who is a life advisor. The coach is one of those pillars of people that people look up to, they are social beings that connect everyone in multiple disciplines of life — body, spirit and mind.

Ep 25: The Evolution Of Fitness, Coaching and Life With CrossFit Games Champion James FitzGerald

In this powerful, engaging episode of the Academy, we address:

  • The definition of “living a larger life”
  • Harnessing the power of awareness and asking questions
  • Developing identity through athletics and fitness
  • James’ evolution of discovering the physical
  • The difference between a Coach and a Trainer
  • James’ influences and mentors through his life
  • The value of mentorship and people who fall into our lives
  • You truly never know who’s life you’re going to affect by showing up
  • The value of getting out there in the trenches and delivering your message
  • The power of teaching, words and how inspiration is created in the spark of a moment
  • Creating hope as a Coach through perspective
  • The stories on the wall through decades of training others
  • The consequences of everyone wanting to be a fitness Coach and why the cream always rises to the top
  • The importance of life experience in Coaching
  • How James honed his craft through relentless pursuit of practicing and learning
  • Learning life’s biggest lessons through our very own clients
  • The biggest lesson(s) from winning the CrossFit Games
  • The power of completion and follow through in fitness and life
  • The fallacy of setting goals on social media and never completing them
  • Why the fantasy of setting a goal is almost as fulfilling as actually doing it
  • Examining the goals we create and being honest with ourselves
  • Understanding the spectrum of fitness, health and performance
  • Differentiating fitness as a sport or a lifestyle component
  • How fitness as a sport is closer to sickness than vitality
  • Why intensity is not the answer for people coming off the couch
  • The future of individualized, community fitness experiences in communities
  • The legacy and future of OPEX 10 years out
  • Resist Average, resilience and getting uncomfortable


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