Ep 23: Escape The Matrix, Live An Inspired Life And Become A Real Life Jedi with Quest CEO Tom Bilyeu

Ep 23: Escape The Matrix, Live An Inspired Life And Become A Real Life Jedi with Quest CEO Tom Bilyeu

Episode #23 of Resist Average Academy features Tom Bilyeu who is the co-founder and president of Quest Nutrition and the host of the weekly thought leadership talk show, Inside Quest.

Photo May 30, 9 19 01 AMTom and his business partners have been working as a team for 13 years, across multiple companies. Quest Nutrition, however, was the company that broke the mold. Previously driven by an obsessive focus on profitability and companies designed to be sold, Tom and his partners founded Quest with a different vision: building a company with a mission – a company designed to last.

To do so, they asked themselves one question, “What would we love doing even if we were failing?” Enter Quest Nutrition.

In just five years, Tom has helped grow the company from a modest passion project into the second fastest growing private company in America, with over 57,000% growth in its first three years alone (via Inc. 5000).

For Tom the mission of Quest is deeply personal – he wants to save his mom and sister from metabolic disease. To do that he plans to transform the entire food industry by creating foods that taste as good as they are good for you. That’s what makes Quest more than just a food company, it’s a company that will never stop innovating until global nutrition has been freed from the stranglehold of junk food.

Tom is a forever student of life. His obsession with mastering skills has molded him into a well-rounded leader, battle-hardened and unafraid to fire moonshots.

For me, I consider Tom a virtual mentor and someone who inspires me to continue to ship my message and live my mission as well as create an impact on this planet.

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My belief is everybody is capable of doing the extraordinary, just most people won’t.

Escape The Matrix, Live An Inspired Life And Become A Real Life Jedi with Quest CEO Tom Bilyeu


We want to make every diet related disease a choice.

In this powerful, inspiring episode, we discuss:
  • Tom’s quest to be a Jedi and what that really means
  • The most powerful tool in your arsenal is how to control your own mind
  • Choosing who you are, your path and embracing the duality of life
  • Tom’s path to escaping the matrix and living in inspired life
  • Quest’s 25 bullet points and belief system to live life on your terms
  • How values and identity drive behavior and every decision goes back to those
  • Examining the narrative you tell yourself and re-affirm with behavior
  • Tom’s narrative and stories he told himself to go from un-athletic to hitting the gym daily
  • How a casual belief in yourself does not serve you and how to harness the arrogance of belief
  • Quest’s mission to end metabolic disease and what wakes Tom up every day
  • Motivation, drive and compassion and why they are all essential
  • Tom’s obsession with being rich in his prior company and how that left him emotionally wrecked
  • The Stanford Marshmallow experiment and how this applies to life
  • The importance of having a sense of purpose and significance
  • How the creation of wealth is phenomenal once you know what you want to do with it
  • How Tom lost 8.5 years of his life chasing money for the wrong reasons
  • What would you do every single day, even if you were failing?
  • Fighting for something you believe in so deeply
  • Quest’s growth of 57,000% and becoming the best selling protein bar in history
  • Creating a powerful business relationship and the key ingredient of communication
  • The importance of defining words and an example from marriage
  • Why work and life balance is BS and how to use work/life integration
  • Loving what you do so much that Mondays are as exciting as Friday nights
  • How to integrate everything in your life around your purpose and what you love
  • Feeling alive every single minute and full of enthusiasm
  • What it feels like to work at Quest and why some people have called it a cult
  • Having a commitment to learning, growing and getting better every single day
  • Why Quest changed their ingredients and lessons from the backlash
  • Saying no to being offered a billion dollars for Quest and how that felt
  • The power of admitting a mistake with your customer base and using it for growth
  • Tom’s definition of Resist Average and accepting the human condition and choosing to rise up

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